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Nanotechnology Museum Exhibit

One of the most effective ways to provide rich and stimulating learning experiences for people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds is through self-directed, voluntary exploration such as that found in the best science museums.

In order to reach the broadest possible segment of the population in a meaningful way, the center entered into a groundbreaking four-year partnership with the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) on the development of a conceptual design plan for a unique exhibit on nanoscale science.

Center research informed the content and concept of the exhbit, and the development team (including Dr. Barry Aprison, Director of Science and Technology, and exhibit developer, Dr. Patricia Ward, from the museum, plus center researchers, a design firm, a multimedia group, and an evaluator) took the project from early stages of brainstorming to compelling conceptual design plans, through front-end evaluation, creative interpretive design activities, formative evaluation, and exhibit modeling.

This work lays the foundation for an exhibit that will reflect areas of cutting-edge research of the center and the museum's commitment to presenting captivating, interactive experiences that are memorable and thought provoking. Once completed the exhibit will increase knowledge about nanoscale science and its powerful applications in the 21st century to more than two million museum visitors annually.


The Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, was one of the first museums in the world to offer interactive exhibits.

Making the invisible visible is just one of the challenges the developers of the new nanotechnology exhibit at the Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago, are conquering.

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